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In this section you will find the forms required for registration, seafarer services, manning and other requirements of the Administration.  Some forms are available for online completion and submission while other forms are available for download and submission to ADOMS offices in hard copy or by email.

Forms are available at the links below.

Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance (DMLC) Part I

This is the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I. This document is prepared by the flag State and outlines each element of the flag State’s laws that gives effect to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006. It is the reference source for inspectors both for...

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Application form for a Boatmaster / Engineer license.

This is the form to use when making application for a Boatmaster's license.  It can be filled in on-screen and printed out or printed out and filled in by hand. This application form is only used for persons wishing to operate vessels certificated under the Caribbean...

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CSR Form 2- change of CSR details

This form is to be used when any of the details contained in the ship’s CSR are to be changed.   All the data fields should be completed, but fields which are not changed should be entered as N/C.  One copy of the Form 2 is to be retained on the ship’s CSR file on...

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Form FO-C13 Declaration of Familiarisation for Senior Officers

This is the current version of the Declaration that requires to be signed by all senior officers as a part of their application for an Antigua and Barbuda endorsement.  The Declaration confirms that the applicant is familiar with the Senior Officer's Handbook which...

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CSR Form 3 (Index of changes) blank form

This form is to be used to record changes to the ship's current CSR.  The changes should all be listed and the Form 3 listing them inserted in the CSR file where it is to remain permanently.  On recording changes on this Form, the Company or the Master should also...

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DMLC Part II, blank version (updated)

This is the Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II.  This document needs to be completed by the shipowner showing how his systems and arrangements on board are structured to comply with each element of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 that is listed on...

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